ICAN Mind & Body

Sales Page Design

ICAN Mind & Body uses mindset training and tools to increase the success rate of weight loss programs and products. 

Along with the sales page design, Charisma Graphics was involved in the branding, marketing, and delivery of this new health and wellness program. 

The sales page was designed in WordPress using Elementor and integrated with Keap (Infusionsoft) and Passion.io. 


ICAN Mind & Body


sales page design


June 2022

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The Problem

Deb Erickson, owner of ICAN Institute, had a dream to create a brand new program that would use her ICAN Neuro Tools in a health and wellness system. She needed to create the marketing and the program from the ground up.

She would first need a sales page where she could send prospects to learn more. She needed a modern looking page that suited the health and wellness industry. 

The new sales page would create the look and feel of the entire brand. 

The Solution

We created a brand board for the new sales page. Once approved, we moved forward with the layout of the page. We worked closely with a copywriter to create the messaging for the page. 

Once the page was ready, we set up the checkout system and email follow-up. We helped to create an app to deliver the system and integrated ICAN Institute’s existing e-commerce platform, Keap, to give access to the user in the app upon purchase.

We also helped create a quiz that would serve as a lead magnet for the program.

The Results

Conversion Rate
Retention Rates (6 months)

Visit the page at icanmindandbody.com/join

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