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So, what comes next?


You’ll get an automated email so you know we’ve received your request. Within 1 business day, we’ll personally review your request and contact you with any questions we have. If you have any questions, email us at misty@charismagraphics.net or call us at 801-513-4778.

Be sure to whitelist our email address so you don’t miss any important communication!


If you’re a new client, or if your project totals more than $600, you’ll receive acontract to sign via email. This tells you about pricing, turn-around time, revisions, copyrights, payments, and all the other stuff we’ll need to clarify in order to complete your project.

Sign your contract and we’ll get started!


We’ll get to work on your project ASAP. You should have something from us within 3 business days or less. Your contract will let you know what to expect. You may be given homework to complete also, such as sending logos, images or text that you’d like to include. At each project milestone we’ll contact you with our progress.

Once you’re satisfied, we’ll deliver the final project to you. Then, hopefully we’ll get to work with you on a brand new project!